Monday, March 12, 2007

Trying to take down Rudy...

The latest attempt to take down Rudy Giuliani is going to fall flat. The reasons are simple:

1. The social conservative wing of the GOP pretty much called the shots from 2005-2006, and the GOP lost Congress. Ernst Stavro Blofeld said in You Only Live Twice, "This organization does not tolerate failure." What is more intolerable is when those who led them to failure demand that they do the same thing as the last time, only taking a harder line.

2. People already have an idea about this, or they have decided that his positions on social issues are far less important than his ability to fight and win the war on terror. In essence, the hard-core Giuliani-haters are making the wrong argument.

3. The method being used by some of the hard-core Giuliani critics is going to turn people off. By labeling Giuliani's supporter's sell-outs, and implying a lack of principle, they're only going to cause Giuliani's supporters to close ranks. Mitt Romney's approach of stating his own views will work much better.

But can Romney overcome Giuliani's huge lead? It is possible. He does have the kind of organization that can help him win Iowa and make a very good showing in New Hampshire. He also has proven he can raise money, and a lot of Jeb Bush's people are with him, giving him an edge in Florida.

The race is really between Romney and Giuliani. Either way it turns out, the GOP will have nominated a good candidate.

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