Monday, March 05, 2007

McCain's weaseling... again...

McCain's victory in the South Carolina straw poll is somewhat tainted by the stench of some low blows his people pulled. Article VI Blog recapped some of the shots fired by his supporters, and last week discussed comments by McCain and Giuliani about whether Romney's religion should be an issue.

Giuliani fielded the question himself, and gave a good answer. McCain sent out a flunky to do his talking. That sort of thing speaks volumes to me. Giuliani, for whatever else you can say about him, seems to be a stand-up guy who doesn't mince words. McCain, on the other hand, has had some great moments, and served this country in a heroic fashion, but he also seems to have an ego, an inability to get off his high horse, and a tendency to hold double standards.

That's why 2008 will boil downto Romney-vs.-Giuliani, and why McCain will be an also-ran again.

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