Thursday, March 01, 2007

Immigration bill problems...

It seems some Republicans are upset about the fact that Ted Kennedy cut them out of the immigration bill he was writing.

They had their chance to pass a good immigration bill in 2006. Instead, the Republicans in the House decided to take their ball and go home, acting like petulant children rather than do the adult thing and compromise with a Senate that rejected an enforcement-only bill. Those who backed the Senate bill were labeled, among other things, as supporting treachery.

Conservatives played a slash-and-burn game on immigration, and the Republicans lost the 2006 midterms. They made their bed. Now, refusing to even acknowledge that their "all or nothing" approach led to a defeat, they demand the GOP stop the bill. Already, the RNC had told the College Republicans to stop their "catch an illegal" games.

Sometimes a "base" can be wrong. When that is the case, a responsible leader steps up to the plate. Mel Martinez, George W. Bush, and others are doing that with the GOP. They deserve to be commended for their courage. It takes a lot to tell your friends that they are on the wrong track.

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Gilbert_Sundevil said...

From the article you linked, it seems that the only Repubs that are upset about being cut out of the bill's writing are those in the Senate that were in favor or the bill anyway.

Your post intimates that the crazy right-wingers in the House that want to protect the border are the ones complaining.

Also, interestingly the article points to a Dem that thinks the proposed law goes too far.
"Sen. Dianne Feinstein, California Democrat, said that bill was too broad, that the guest-worker program for future workers was too big and that splitting illegal aliens based on their time here was too open to fraud."