Saturday, April 22, 2006

Closing the conference...

Austin Bay is set to close down the conference.

VFW helped sponsor this conference. VFW has a Military Assistance Program. They take care of families of deployed soldiers. A soldier had to go to his father's funeral. They have an Unmet Needs Grant program. Headt to for more info.

Talking about from media to "wedia". It not just milboggers, but individuals able to report what they know. Talks about healingIraq at Bloggers are noticing things - like Lott's comments at Strom Thurmond's birthday.

It's more than just the military.

Speech will be on the website. I look for that. Will be at the Creator's column. A podcast will come out and be discussed. "Duty and discipline are missing from television." - I have probably missed the entire quote - and will have to get it right later.

This has been a wonderful conference. I learned much, and while I got some compliments for my work at Strategypage, what I do is really very small. I did not serve - I looked into it, and found out that a medical condition precluded it. All I am trying to do with my writing is to keep the knife out of the backs of our troops. Will be back later.

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