Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Present

Soldier's Perspective - Tells what the media never told. How the media accentuated the negative.

LT Smash - Big proponent of all-volunteer military. Growing gap between people with no contact, and people who are in. Tell the story. Tell the rest of America. Have to get the word out - fighting for America. Helping human beings. Proud to take part in the liberation of Iraq. How the magazine was doom and gloom. Media said we'd get our butts kicked - it wasn't true. Insurgency is a second war.

Blackfive - Abu Ghraib folks were knuckleheads. The whole story was the dissenting generals. To most of them, it was not a major story. Put into perspective what was happening. Journalists patting themselves on the back. Nobody knows of Rafael Peralta or Paul Smith. President of a company who helped out. A waitress to saved up tips. Over 200 Silver Stars. Leigh Ann Hester. Responsibility - if the Army wipes out bloggers. Guys are trying to tell the story.

OPFOR - He sees it through a different lens. Active Duty. Has to be much more careful. First question, "What do you think of Secretary Rumsfeld?" Credit to doing a story on Milblogs that was fair. Fighting the war at home, the war lost during Vietnam. Concerned about those in theater - pessemistic. Will only take one instance. Army needs to work with bloggers to protect OPSEC. Soldier's Perspective reminds about terrorist watch list on his blog. One Islamist in Europe with hotmail.

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