Saturday, April 22, 2006


The families of milbloggers.

60% of enlisted are single. Parent of a son at war. A son who was wounded broke anonymity. OPSEC, etc.

Soldier's Mom: Blogged anonymously until son was WIA. Told the story.

TCOVERRIDE: It was because he got strange looks at the mess hall for comments on TV. Good way to let family know what was going on. Need to rail against things that were just wrong. Simplest reason to keep a blog up - the good news stories don't get told. Bad news gets told - and how much Bush lied, etc... Complainers were a very small percentage. Coordinating indirect fire from a tank. Lessons learned.

Marine Corps Mom: Talked with parents, nothing prepared her. Knew there had to be more news. Found Blackfive and LT Smash. But nothing for parents. Thought of web site. But went to blog - could update and did not need to call a webmaster. Started Operation SANTA. Sent 6000 stockings to Marines. Support parents of Marine Corps Reserve personnel.

Soldier's Mom: Four days - and milblogs. Contacted the OR to trauma center. Got info in four hours from the milblog community. Got assistance from Soldier's Angels. Fisher House.

(It seems they have some connection hiccups. Again, is there ever a plan that has survived first contact?)

Mrs. TCOVERRIVE: Soldier's Angels supported during TCOVERRIDE's recovery. Owe a lot to many different people.

One protestor stole yellow ribbons from cars.

Marine Corps Moms: Share of run-ins. Lets it roll off her back. Many middle of the night calls. Small but determined anti-war group. Country was built on freedom of speech.

TCOVERRIDE/Mrs. TCOVERRIDE: Walter Reed protests. TCOVERRIDE might have "accident" to hit Phelps. Code Pink are "assholes" (puts it mildly). TCOVERRIDE asks "Why protest in front of a hospital?" Troops are just keeping their word. Place for political statements - White House, Capitol Hill, soapbox. Loves the Freepers. Glad to live where people can do that - with rights come responsibilities.

Soldier's Mom: Very supportive community. Questions about "should we be there?" Searching for the information. "That can't be the story." The most anti-war people are the ones with families. The last place they want their families to be is in war. POWERFUL point made with a front page of a paper. Not one word about the war.

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