Monday, April 10, 2006

On immigration...

Macsmind has a great post on the immigration debate in the GOP.

I wish to add a few thing further to the debate. I have long disliked Michelle Malkin - particularly through who she chose to associate with on the immigration issue. I've written about this twice before. Suffice it to say she has cited Lawrence Auster and Steve Sailer to bolster her arguments on immigration. Both Sailer and Auster have been called out - and by two of the founders of (tacitus and Ben Domenech), no less. When conservatives are calling people racists, she ought to take note - and not hide behind claims that people are crying xenophobia the way she did when people (many on the right) forcefully disagreed with her on the UAE ports deal. Yet she still lets her column run on a site that not only features Sailer, but which also runs stuff from Jared Taylor as well. In the Age of Google, is there any real excuse to not know who one is working with? I say no.

Sadly, she has allies. As Newsweek reports in a profile of Congressman Tom Tancredo, who has aligned himself with Pat Buchanan on the issue:
Tancredo may not be a household name yet, but he's doing everything he can to change that. As the House and Senate debate the nation's immigration and border-security laws, the four-term Coloradan has positioned himself as the loudest, angriest voice against the estimated 11 million illegal aliens now living in the United States. They are "a scourge that threatens the very future of our nation," he says. He laments "the cult of multiculturalism," and worries about America's becoming a "Tower of Babel." If Republican presidential candidates don't put the problem atop the agenda in 2008, he says he'll run himself, just to force the front runners to talk about it. Not that he thinks he'd win the White House. He declares himself "too fat, too short and too bald" to be president. If the Republicans lose the election because he's too tough on the issue, he says, "So be it."

"So be it" is not an appropriate answer to possibly handing the White House to a Democratic Party that has demonstrated time and time again it is incapable of taking the war on terror seriously. And yet, Tancredo has a following. A big one, particularly at places like FreeRepublic (which is ultimately why I decided to cease participation at that site). The conservative movement's tolerance of Malkin and Tancredo is why it's rapidly leaving me. This country was founded on the premise that all men are created equal. Malkin and Tancredo seem to be hanging out with people who apparently think otherwise.

EDIT: Correcting a link that I messed up earlier.

EDIT 2 (4/2/06): It seems that the link to the denunciation of Lawrence Auster has been hacked.

EDIT 3 (4/10/06): The link appears to have been fixed.


bostonBC said...

To me it’s about enforcing the current laws. The government has not been doing this as a gift to big business to keep their labor costs low. Those on the left who care about living wages should applaud this attempt to get the government to do something about this issue.

Simple economics 101 – the more people willing to do the work, the lower the wages. Pay US citizens a decent wage and you won’t have 11 million illegal immigrants in this country.

Keep the current system in place and we will all be in a race to the bottom as there are about 4.5+ billion other people in this world who would probably like to be in America and make more money and have a better standard of living.

If anyone thinks that a ‘better-educated’ US citizen will be able to compete against that onslaught you should have your head examined. Our nation can’t absorb all the people in the world that want a better life for themselves. It’s lunacy to do so at the expense of our own citizens. You want to help others who are less fortunate – great – send them a check or donate your time to helping them – DON’T GIVE THEM MY JOB.

We’re not just talking about migrant workers – the moronic Bushie proposals are set to increase legal immigration of all job types about a million a year. With just a couple hundred thousand ‘new’ jobs being created in this horribly anemic economy – how long will it take for you to be replaced by that ‘nice new immigrant’?

Hope you all enjoyed middle class because we’re heading back to the days of slave labor thanks to the new ‘global economy’ and the putrid efforts of most of our elected leaders who appear to be willing to do anything – including destroying the economic security of US citizens to get a few more corporate dollars.

This country also gives us a constitution with laws and the government is supposed to protect the rights of its citizens – not those who are here illegally.

Harold C. Hutchison said...

Except we have an unemplyoment rate of 4.8%, and we added over 240,000 jobs in February alone. There were another 170,000 jobs added prior to that.

At this point, the notion that people are losing jobs - or wages - simply doesn't fly.

Robin said...

It is refreshing to read a blog that doesn't kiss Malkin's butt. Does she control all the blogs on the net?

Thanks for the comments about the immigration situation. I enjoy reading posts from people that think things through instead of knee-jerking their way through life.

Mr. Spog said...

That's not a "hacked" link, it's merely an expired one. That tends to happen after a few years.