Saturday, April 22, 2006


Soldier's Mom: They are reporting opinions, not facts. It was a statement that closed the article and declared a fact. They want balanced reporting.

TCOVERRIDE (this will be good): The bad things that don't get read. The insurgent who tried to kill two sergeants and shot his nephew. 15 Iraqi army soldiers killed in car bomb, but not the Lt. Col. who was non-political and who got stuff. The under-equipped forces who work with them, who work despite the risks to their families. The good news part - how they were try to get a sheikh kicked off. Boston Globe misreported. Week later, he raided the sheikh's house, and found a cache. Threw "his ass" in the pokey. Negative press effects morale.

Marine Corps Mom: Journalists not embedded. Steel Curtain cleaned up a town near the Syrian border. The Marines convoyed citizens to vote in the elections. Never reported. Iraqi Lieutenant saved her son's life.

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