Sunday, April 30, 2006

Colin Powell's comments...

It seems there is a fuss being made about Colin Powell's comments about his preference for more troops.

Critics on the left like to hide behind Colin Powell, never mind the fact that he has stood behind the liberation of Iraq. Critics on the right like to dump on him because, well, he is his own person and has come to his own views on a number of issues. It seems he is destined to be caught in the crossfire (too bad the New York Times hides Safire behind TimesSelect... it has a very interesting point about how Powell and Rumsfeld seem to get along very well and respect each other... and how President Bush knew what he was getting with that duo).

Colin Powell served this country honorably for over 30 years in the United states Army, then gave four more years of honorable service as Secretary of State. He is a fine man, and while I have disagreed with some of his decisions in that timeframe, he does not deserve much of the flak he has taken.

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