Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Austin Bay on Russian Retaliation

Austin Bay writes:
It’s a fair bet that the terrorists in Iraq who murdered four Russian diplomats face “KGB retaliation.” I know, the KGB no longer exists. But angry Russians with KGB skills do exist. The angry Russians do not care a whit about the opinion of Barbara Streisand, Cindy Sheehan, The New York Times, Amnesty International, the UN, the Arab League, Instapundit, or Austin Bay.

I consider this a good thing. Maybe, if we haven't done too much stuff that has Vladimir Putin royally pissed off at us, the Russians might be able to help us take care of some real bad guys we might not be able to get due to leaks to the New York Times via Congress (see Leahy, Patrick as one example of a Congressional leaker who got a pass) or disgruntled CIA personnel.

That said, my hope is that some of the perps get "GRU punishment" - from some of the "old school" types in that organization.

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