Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Seixon Update...

Seixon's woes continue:

At approximately 7:00 AM Central European Time I received a phone call from a blocked number. The person on the phone told me I had written naughty things on my blog, and then laughed when I asked them who they were.

"You're a dead man."

This is what the person on the line told me right before hanging up.

I called my local authorities and they told me to come down to the station. I took a taxi down to the police station and filed this event with them.

I told the police that I believed this person to have been Jason Leopold. Due to the number not showing on my phone, I said I could not be 100% sure who it was. The voice on the phone sounded like Leopold's voice which I have heard on at least one radio interview. It should be noted that Ben from has spoken to John Dean (the person who was working with Leopold and called my parents on June 25th) a few times and he deems that Dean's voice is similar to that of Leopold.

I do not believe that Mr. Dean would have done this. It is my firm belief that it was Mr. Leopold.

If it wasn't Leopold, then it was probably a form of leaderless resistance.

Still, at any rate, it shows a high level of unhingedness on the part of the left. If Seixon suffers any sort of physical injury, a lot of lefty blogospherists are going to have extended conversations with humorless men and women carrying badges--whether or not they were involved in said physical injury.

Note to the leftist mooks: cease buzzer. Quit before your fellow citizens decide you should be liveblogging about the dinner menu at Gitmo.

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