Monday, July 10, 2006

Digital thuggery of the worst sort...

I've discussed digital thuggery before, in the case of Ben Domenech. But what has happened to Protein Wisdom is beyond the pale.

Not only did we have despicable attacks leveled at this blogger (including threats and sexual comments aimed at a two-year-old), but we also have had at least two denial of service attacks (at this point, it is still a difficult exercise to call up the site in question). Deb Frisch has literally stopped viewing Jeff Goldstein as human for whatever reason, and it led her to wish some of the most unspeakable acts on him. This is clearly unacceptable, but what makes it worse is that it is probably being done in the name of "peace", "tolerance", "love", and other admriable things. But where is the love and tolerance in attacking a two-year-old child? How do threats contribute to peace?

Sadly, she is not alone - and someof the practitioners of dehumanization are on the right as well as the left, albeit this happens on different issues.

Maybe we all need to think more about what unites us rather than what divides us.


Ken Prescott said...

The scariest thing is that she is (or was, not 100% sure yet) a professor of psychology at the University of Arizona.

However, to show that there's no hard feelings, I wish Ms. Frisch success in her future endeavours, which will most likely lie in the fast food or convenience store fields.

Pondering American said...

Good Grief, I follwed some of this. This is bizaree