Tuesday, July 25, 2006

On the leak investigation reaching Congress...

If someone in Congress is responsible for the leak of the NSA's efforts to capture terrorists, as both AJ-Strata and MacRanger are reporting, then they need to give the person responsible a perp-walk. There is no other way. If they fail to do so, then it's time to do two things:

First, make an exception for those intelligence officers who mislead Congress if they are protecting personnel in the field or an ongoing operation.

Second, pardon Duke Cunningham. It defies logic to see Duke Cunningham doing eight-plus years in the slammer while Pat Leahy, who leaked information while on the intelligence committee during the 1980s still serves in the Senate. One of Leahy's leaks may have resulted in the death of an operative (see second article down).

If Congress cannot be trusted to keep secrets, and if serious transgressions go unpunished, then Congress needs to face the consequences. I'm sorry, but I cannot get outraged over some Congressman's earmarks and bribes when others skate for leaking classified information.

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