Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Republicans are backing the President on immigration.

Polling data discussed by Hedgehog Central and AJ-Strata, and referenced by the Wall Street Journal, as well as the Dowd analysis reported back in May, and the USA Today analysis (link is to my post in May discussing this), not to mention Chris Cannon's 56-44 win in his primary, are showing widespread support for the President's approach to immigration reform.

It's stunning at how the hard-liners have ultimately decided that they would rather see no bill than to give an inch. They call it principle, I call it fanaticism. When push comes to shove over this, we could very easily see the hard-liners beaten - and decisively. After all, that is what happened in Cannon's district, which is one of the most conservative in the country.

Folks, what is going on here is that we have seen a bit of a conservative echo chamber form. While most Republicans favor the President's plan, a minority do not - and that minority seems to be heavily concentrated among the alternative media widely favored by those who tend to vote Republican. In essence, it is a flip side of the mainstream media personality who asked how Nixon could have won because, "nobody I know voted for him".

It's past time for the House Republicans to step out of the echo chamber and listen to what people are saying.


Pondering American said...

It is a shame. I am beginning to wonder if Our Replbucian Congressmen just listen to breathless faxes that sent to them by this '"alt" media I am all for alt media and Alt Conservative media. However it only works if other alt media and us bloggers keeps it honest.

Gilbert_Sundevil said...

You have got to be kidding me:


"The Senate immigration bill would require that foreign construction laborers here under the guest-worker program be paid well above the minimum wage, even as American workers at the same work site could earn less."

Sure. Let's push that Senate Immigration bill right through. Those crazies in the House are just trying to stall the bill. They really aren't interested in studying and debating what's coming out of the Senate. We should just trust that the "world's greatest deliberative body" came up with good legislation.