Wednesday, July 19, 2006

George Will blows it again...

In this column, George Will has royally blown the call. In what must be a miss bigger than celebrating the fact that no National League team is playing their home games on artificial turf (which is the second-best thing done for baseball since 1965 - only the designated hitter has had a more positive impact upon the game), he's now denouncing as "untethered from reality" people who are urging action against Syria and Iran.

If anyone is untethered from reality, it's George Will. We only need to look at the C-802 that damaged an Israeli naval vessel to see why Will is the one not operating in reality mode (Full disclosure: The link is to a piece I wrote for A C-802 is a pretty big sucker, and requires a tractor-trailer rig for transportation and firing from a land base. An artillery shell with a chemical weapon is much smaller. A vial with something very useful for biological warfare is even smaller than that.

There are only two choices in dealing with Iran and Syria: Now or Later. Dealing with them now will be difficult, but waiting for "later" (as Will seems to favor) will create much more in the way of trouble - and dealing with them "later" may mean we take thousands of casualties in an attack with weapons of mass destruction... and that would probably mean a response involving a major nuclear attack on Iran and/or Syria.

Is that what George Will really wants?

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