Tuesday, July 11, 2006

An unfair comparison...

Ryan Sager is a sharp guy who calls things as he sees them. However, his comments on a recent article in The New Republic by Eve Fairbanks at the RCP blog have done her a gross injustice.

In the interests of full disclosure, I was one of those she met for that article. It was a nice time, and I found her to be a very charming and wonderful person. Given the time that elapsed, I am not upset about any minor inconsistencies. I don't remember every single small detail about the date, myself.

As for the lack of disclosure that an article was in the works - I don't hold it against her, she had been given an assignment, and from the beginning it was clear she worked for The New Republic. If anyone is to be blamed for this situation, it is the editors who gave her the assignment. Quite frankly, though, if she hadn't received the assignment, would I have met a very wonderful and charming person? I doubt it. So, I really can't be that upset with them, either.

I only have one regret - that I have not been able to keep touch with her. I hope that someday, she and I can meet in circumstances that will allow us to keep in touch. I certainly hope she is doing well, and I wish her the best. I believe Mr. Sager has been grossly unfair to her with his comparison to Stephen Glass, and I take exception to that.


Pondering American said...

Very nice post there. I think it speaks well of you to correct the record here. I can't wait to read the article. You will have to keep us updated if this article helps spur a ton of calls to you from interested parties. If I was in your shoes I would be thrilled.

Shooter said...

I have a completely different opinion and I kept in touch with her for several weeks. One of her last e-mails is in this journal entry:

She pretended to want to go out for almost three weeks after our only date.

Honest is not a term I would use for her at all. Hybrid is not a term that would ever come from my mouth for any vehicle I own.

The "Fisking" of the 'Shooter' date can be found here:

Harold C. Hutchison said...

I was also in touch with her for a while, Shooter. Suffice it to say I do not agree with your opinion at all.

Shooter said...

Fine and well. If she actually wanted to go out with you then you would still be in touch. If you were just a "Conservatives in the Mist" research project, then you have what you have now.

She fabricated almost every detail of our encounter and I have included her messages in the fisking.

Harold C. Hutchison said...

You are entitled to your opinion, Shooter. That does not track with the experience as I rememner it. I certainly was not taking any notes during the date, and I would be hard-pressed to remember every single detail about it myself.

In any case, she was assigned to write the story by her editors, as I have explained.

Shooter said...


If you read through my long account of my "date" with Eve you will find that I had a great time, at the time, too and had a great impression of her right up until the day before the article posted, without once being told directly that I was a subject of an article.

I remembered almost ever detail because the last time I had been out with a 22 year old was about 24 years ago.

Not sure which character from the story you are supposed to be, but my guess was that the southern-lawyer-without-an-accent was Stephen Glass.

Big thing, the only thing resembling a quote from me is completely false. Other big thing, and no foul in disagreeing here: just because your date tells you her profession is "reporter" does not give her license to misrepresent an intervies as a date.

Harold C. Hutchison said...

1. My date was, at least as far as I can recall, portrayed with reasonable accuracy given the time that elapsed from meeting her to publication.

2. I'll repeat what I said in my original post. She was on assignment from her editors. If anyone's to be blamed for it, the blame stops there, not on a talented young woman who I enjoyed meeting and talking with.

Finally, Shooter, you have your own blog on which you are free to say whatever you wish about her. I won't stop you. But I am not going to tolerate any further comments that take shots at Ms. Fairbanks, particularly when she isn't around to defend herself.

Qutie frankly, it shows a distinct lack of class on your part.

MLEH said...

And you, Son, are a gentleman.

Erick said...

I think it is a little irresponsible of you to remove any blame from the author. The article cites Ms. Fairbanks as bearing responsibility for the words. Thus, we can assume that she wrote the origional words, and endorses any changes the editors may have made. She has not suggested anything to the contrary.

Ms. Fairbanks is responsible for all the ways in which she bent reality to make a more interesting story.

Harold C. Hutchison said...

And Erick... the article portrayed the date with reasonable accuracy. I couldn't give you a transcript of the date if I wanted to.

Shooter said...

As you asked, I will stop posting here and this will be my last post.

Point one: we disagree about being lied to about the intent of a "date".

Point two: we disagree about being strung along for weeks after the first "date".

Point three: We disagree on "Just Following Orders" as a defense.

Point four: I may have a much better memory than you as I can remember vivid details from the first meetings and first date with ex-wife, over 22 years ago.

Point five: YOUR date was portrayed correctly, mine was not, no matter what you wish to believe.

I really do hope you get back together with Eve Fairbanks. My last interview with a reporter befor the "Mr. Right" article was with Ariana E. Cha and she told us it was an interview beforehand, plus she bought an expensive dinner at Butterfield Nine. She also interviewed my son through e-mail and quoted everybody correctly. See The Washington Post, 17 June 2001, page E1 (featuring my now, world-famous, bald spot). My memory of her, long before I thought of seeing a younger woman? "Man, she is hot, too bad she is not 20 years older. She was 26 then.

You are welcome to post in my slashdot journal whenever you like, as are TNR staff.