Monday, August 21, 2006

Another reason why it's not so simple...

Via the Wild Turkeys forum:
The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review discusses why we are unable to deport 40,000 illegal immigrants from the People's Republic of China. You see, the ChiComs insist we hand over all of the dissidents who we have granted political asylum.

We could deport 40,000 illegal immigrants, but to do so, we have to break a promise of protection we gave to people fleeing persecution.

So, do we let these 40,000 people stay, or do we go back on a promise? Do the hard-liners have an answer to that question?

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Pondering American said...

Great series of post. I linked to all three and gave my input. I think we need to establish some coalition of bloggers on this issue. Maybe even get a banner to put on our web sites. Something to show the hardliners that we are not going away on this issue