Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Shut up, Tom Tancredo explains

Looking at Tom Tancredo's press release, one gets the impression that he doesn't want to debate the immigration issue - he wants to dictate terms on the immigration issue, including how it is discussed, which solutions may be considered, and he claims the right to call any solution that he doesn't like amnesty, and will trot out accusations that his opponents favor open borders (including the broad-brush tarring of Mormons and Catholics), whether or not it actually fits the accepted definition from the dictionary. Furthermore, as Pondering American has shown, his agenda does not end with illegal immgiration.

That said, it is not so much Tancredo's agenda that makes me see red. I have my disagreements with other people, like Internet Esquire (over Iraq). My partner on this blog and I first came across each other in a disagreement over reactivation of the Iowa-class battleships. But these disagreements have had a quality that has been in very short supply from the Tancredo-Malkin crowd: Respect.

I'm sorry, but when your response to a person's disagreement with you is to tell them to shut up, it means you do not have much of an argument. Why does Tancredo fear the Administration making its case for a comprehensive bill? Is it because recent events (and polling) have shown that the President's approach might be passed into law if it is explained?

Tancredo has not only revealed that he lacks class or respect for those who disagree with him and wants to be able to freely demagouge a serious issue, he's also revealed that he doesn't have the guts to have a fair debate with the President of the United States. That says a lot more about Tancredo than it does President Bush.


Pondering American said...

Great post. I am going to give a seperate post and highlight this post

SallyVee said...

Yes, great post!

"But this year, the General is declaring open war on his own troops.”

A classic case of pre-emptive posturing, or pot calling kettle black...

Spoken by the man who runs Team America PAC with Bay Buchanan, working aggressively and in the most vile and despicable ways, against fellow Republicans...

What a smarmy, two-faced, mental midget. And yes, classless too.

SallyVee said...

By any chance, did you see Tancredo on CSPAN over the weekend?

The interview was conducted by Anne Mulkern from the Denver Post, about TT's new book Mortal Danger. I watched and am so glad I did. As a worried Republican, I was relieved. I expected to be dazzled by Tommy Boy's charisma, eloquence and charm -- since I've read many times, even from his detractors, how intelligent and warm Tommy Boy is in person.

He is none of those things as it turns out. He is hollow, shallow, and above all unbearably boring. At several points, I could almost see him recognizing the hollowness of his own words. One of his dodging tactics is speaking veeeeeery slooooowly, with oh so thoughtful fingers pressed together. These are just stalling techniques that prove very dull and provide insufficient cover for his bizarre, unsupported assertions.

The reporter asked some pretty good questions and gave TT plenty of time to expose himself as a pea brain. Pretty awkward at some points, really.

One of the weirder exchanges occurred near the end when Mulkern asked him to talk about the Beslan attack in Russia... and how/why that's relevant to the thesis of his book. It was a classic WTH? moment, longwinded and sleep inducing. TT also spewed Jerry Corsi's kook theory without crediting his co-kook. I guess when you have competing conspiracy books out at the same time, it's every man for himself.

Now that I've seen TT "in action" I wish him Godspeed and myriad bookings on as many TV shows as possible. He is his own worst ambassador.

cam said...

Sallyvee I saw that insufferable bore doing the fingers together spider dance as if he were doing some deep thinking while spewing the most lunatic of conspiracy theories. The man is a buffoon. Did you catch the bit about us heading towards a super parliament like the EU? There is no such thing in the works and it is not at all the direction we are heading in. Heck even the Eurapeans who have actively pursued such idiocy have not been able to pull it off but some how we are secretly heading for the same thing. We need to get him to talk about his cockamamie theories more often and to get him to flesh them out in public. In so doing he will in effect expose himself as the whack job he really is. Get someone like Neal Cuvuto to get some in depth questions about his theories on where NAFTA is leading us. That would kill this nonsense dead.