Thursday, August 31, 2006

The UN sides with Hezbollah... again.

Israeli use of cluster bombs is seen as a Very Bad Thing. The UN has yet to say anything about Hezbollah firing thousands of rockets indiscriminately into northern Israel.

Why do we waste our time and money with that useless organization?


karlos said...

Cluster bombs used by Israel are far more dangerous than the Katyushas used by Hizbollah. The cluster bombs still have thousands of unexploded components throught out Lebanon. The Katyushas have all been cleaned up and forgotten about now.

The UN has criticised Hizbollah's bombing of civilian targets inIsrael. It has done so several times. Human Right Watch has also described their actions as war crimes.

What about the use of Depleted Uranium? Is that acceptable in your book?

Why is it that people caanot handle critcism of Israel when it is clearly at fault?

Harold C. Hutchison said...

Never mind that Hezbollah delibetrately launches its rockets near civilian targets (itself a violation of the Geneva conventions).

Tell me karlos, do you favor appeasement? Would you have appeased Hitler back in the 1930s?

Brian J. Dunn said...

Why put up with UN?

Because as long as it is in New York, I'm reasonably sure the jihadis won't risk harming their biggest ally by nuking the city.

Consider them sorta like human shields for the good guys.

Ken Prescott said...

What about the use of Depleted Uranium? Is that acceptable in your book?

Yes, because, unlike you, I actually know what depleted uranium is.

Ken Prescott said...

BTW, karlos, please do not post your neo-Nazi scribblings on this blog--we think the only good Nazi is a dead one.

karlos said...


I also agree that Hizbollah acted in violation of the Geneva conventions. I stated above that the UN and Human Rights Watch have both criticised Hizbollah for this.
Both Israel and Hizbollah are guilty of war crimes. It happens that Israel is better at it than Hizbollah though, and that's why they get more criticism. I wish you could see that.

I don't favor appeasement, but I do favor JUSTICE. I believe if justice is served to the people of the region, they will all live in peace with Israel. They only hate it so much because of the injustice it has inflicted upon them.

No I wouldn't appease Hitler. That's why I won't appease the IDF, they are acting like little Hitlers.

If the owner of this blog doesn't want me to post here, he can ban me. Until then, try and stand up for your position rather than attack me for my position.

Ken, are you saying the DU is safe? Little research has been done with it but we know that it is radioactive, chemically toxic, dangerous to human contact and difficult to clean up.

BTW Ken, I'm no neo-Nazi.
Neo-Nazis are racist and totalitarian. I respect people of all ethnicities and races.

Harold C. Hutchison said...

I looked over your site.

The IDF is nowhere near Hitler. Until you get over this moral equivalence nonsense you're spouting, I'd prefer you not post your drivel here.