Thursday, August 31, 2006


Those of you who've been reading this blog may have read my post about Ann Coulter a couple months back.

Oops, she did it again.

Yeah, joking about assassinating Lincoln Chafee is a real thigh-slapper. Then again, she's also joked about assassinating a Supreme Court Justice and soldiers fragging a duly elected member of Congress.

Ann's schtick seems to involve being blonde and outrageous. Ann, here's some free advice: if you're going to be blonde and outrageous, you need to buy yourself a bigger rack. And while you're at it, take two cheeseburgers and call me in the morning, OK? I've seen more meat on buffalo wings! Jeez!

Yes, Ann, I'm telling you to upgrade the boobs, upgrade the brain, or just shut the fuck up, I don't give an airborne fornication at a rolling doughnut which one you do, just pick one and do it.

I am sorely disappointed with the editorial staff at for publishing this one, especially since I am a Hugh Hewitt fan.

I mean, fercryinoutloud, do we have to raise the Homeland Security warning condition from Bert to Ernie, or even--God forbid--Elmo, every time this bimbo publishes a new column? What's next? Is she going to start calling her columns fatwas?


Harold C. Hutchison said...

Allow me to add the following:
I am sick of being told this is the kind of thing that a good conservative does not criticize.

The type of shit Ann Coulter has a habit of saying is unacceptable. It is beyond the fucking pale.

And yet Ann Coulter will draw her crowds at CPAC next year. She will still rake in money from a syndicated column, and from book sales. She is considered a conservative in good standing.

Between Coulter, Tancredo, and Norwood, I'm starting to dislike conservatives. They're lucky that I fucking hate the hard left.

SJ Reidhead said...

What is wrong with this woman?

Okay, guys, as a woman I can say it - you can't - well you can, but I can get away with it - you can't.

Ann Coulter is involved with a very serious love affair - one in which there is no reason or logic. The object of her affection is Ann Coulter.

She thinks she is cute. She's been reading too many press releases. When a woman starts thinking she is cute, adorable, and can get away with things because she is cute and adorable - well, let's face it, the line is crossed and the cute and adorable become...tada...witch with a B.

Coulter, Malkin, Tancredo, and Hannity are starting to make conservatives look bad. Good thing they consider themselves conservatives above Republican. With luck, when they start exploding even more, we can control the damage because they are relating more to the extreme conservatives than the rank and file Republicans.

The Pink Flamingo
SJ Reidhead

Liz Mair said...

The worst thing about the "let's shoot Chafee" piece was not even the sentiment, it was just the writing. Not clever, not funny, not awe-inspiring in any way, shape or form. I could have written something better than that at the age of 14. It was, as I say on my site, TURD.

sj reidhead is right to note that Michelle Malkin is just as bad. They both think they're SO clever, when really, a lot of their writing is becoming banal, they can't make a viable argument, and really, a lot of their ability to persuade people is just based on cute one-liners and clever insults. And that's a talent that, this column re: Chafee at least suggests, is drying up insofar as Coulter is concerned. It's not even that she's becoming a major b*tch (c'mon guys, she always was one-- it's part of what used to make her fun to read). It's that her work is now sliding into genuine mediocrity. Why read something b*tchy, that should be entertaining, but only pulls it off about as well as a $5 romance novel?

Liz Mair is the editor of WWW.GOPPROGRESS.COM, a RedState-style blog for moderate and libertarian-leaning Republicans.

Aitch748 said...

My opinion of Ann Coulter solidified back when she was dismissing Harriet Miers as Caligula's horse. As a matter of fact, that was also the time when I realized that there was something very very wrong with some of the people on my side of the ideological divide.

And what wonderful timing! The liberals are apparently having orgasms about some Brit TV docudrama about President Bush being assassinated, and Ann makes jokes about assassinating somebody. Brilliant, Ann, just fecking brilliant. Sheesh.

SallyVee said...

Go Harold! I agree with you and all the commenters so far.

A couple of weeks ago I had a mini-revelation. It was a bad [gray] hair day for me, realizing at age 45 the grim reality that my bottled dye lasts only 3 weeks... and Ann and I were born in the same year.

Anyway, along came Mary Matalin, talking about her friend Joe Lieberman, and how dangerous and awful his treatment by the Dems is. Mary also managed to cover the WoT very clearly, concisely and without malice. Just plain talk, directed at ALL Americans. She defended and praised the Bush administration. She pleaded with reasonable Dem citizens to reject the politics of destruction and scorched earth.

Well, true, Mary is 7 years older than Ann and I. But I was so impressed by the contrast between Ann & Mary in every respect. Not only did Mary look and dress her age (very attractively), she spoke like a woman I want representing me in the political arena. She was emphatic, but without personal malice, and without the godawful hip-conservative-bumper sticker-lexicon. The net result of Mary's comments was to illuminate genuine, positive, reasons for people in the middle/left to come on over to our side.

I am so turned off and embarrassed by the female Republican impersonators on the airwaves. I cringe whenever I see Ann or Michelle Malkin (she's the worst), Laura Ingraham, or Debbie Schlussel in public. I can only imagine how these grating women must affect the vast majority of regular people who do not live and breathe political combat. I can imagine how Laura Bush reacts in the privacy of her own living room whenever one of these ballbusters shows up to bash her husband, then claims to represent his "base." I know how it affects me!

I forced myself to read Ann's Chaffee screed. It did absolutely nothing for me. It didn't even make me mad because she's lost all power to provoke me one way or the other. It just seems like a tired old re-run. It disgusts me that Ann squanders her substantial talents in the conservative circus, instead of maturing into a real leader and sage. Townhall unfortunately, is following large numbers of Righties into the crapper (Nat'l Review, Human Events, NewsMax, WorldNutDaily, Hannity-Limbaugh-Savage Radio). But what I really fear is that they are merely reverting to type......that this is who they've been all along.......that there is more truth to all the old Pubbie stereotypes than I ever imagined.

Where in the world do these people think they are leading us? I fear we might learn, come November.

For the moment, the only political label I will apply to myself is: I am a George W. Bush Republican. After January 2009, I don't know what I will be.

Robert said...

Ann Coulter sets my teeth on edge. The column is filled with juvenile insults at (an admittably very insult-able) Lincoln Chafee, although her point that he is not deserving of Republican support is beyond dispute. But unless I missed it, and I read the whole thing twice, she did NOT call for his assassination in the article. The headline says "shot" but normal editoral column headlines are written by staff rather than the columnist. (If you travel you can frequently find the same op-ed in two different papers under different headlines.) Now perhaps Townhall has different rules, and Ann did pick that disgusting headline herself--it wouldn't be out of line with some of her past statements. But unless someone can demonstrate this case is the exception rather than the rule, it is unfair to her to tag her with calling for shooting someone. That still doesn't make it a good article, but we should be fair in our critique of her.

SallyVee said...

In all fairness, Robert makes a good point -- one that occurred to me last night.

However, does anyone doubt that Ann would write that headline? It sounds an awful lot like the Ann I've come to know and dread.

I really wish she'd start maturing and taking some tips from the Mary Matalin school of effective punditry -- and more important, effective party leadership. Ann spent most of the Chaffee column dazzling herself with her own one-liners, then a significant portion bashing GWB, then she finally got around to praising Laffey in oddly kind & generous language that sounded like a completely different person... Geeze, I'll bet Laffey could've lived without that endorsement.

KAT said...

Sallyvee, as a result of your post, I’m a brand new blogger. Just like you, and the others (from “Called As Seen”), I'm also disgusted with Coulter. Her popularity and appeal is enigmatic. On-line, I’ve read that her friends think she’s a nice person. A lot of fun! But, her media persona betrays her. She’s truly an "unattractive" person, on the inside.

Not too long ago, I saw and heard her on TV and radio talk shows promoting her recent book. As you know, she was hit pretty hard regarding her insensitive remarks about the 911 wives. When she was confronted and asked why she made such despicable accusations, she said very little and rolled her eyes. It really bothered me that she was able to deflect the negative comments by allowing a few of her “guy pals” (i.e. Hannity), to speak on her behalf, as she sat smugly by.

On other shows, at least two commentators tried to appeal to her “Christian” principles, with the hope that she would recant from her “un-Christ-like behavior, but she callously turned a deaf ear. They were trying to get her to become a little more diplomatic, but she dug her heels in and wouldn’t budge.

Even when Ann has something to say that I would agree with, I can’t bring myself to digest it. Her every word is tainted with hostility. Maybe, just maybe, one of her good friend’s will be able to honestly share with her, in such a way, that she will desire to reveal a softer, more femine side (and that also means softening her hairstyle, makeup and wardrobe).

KAT said...

Robert said, “The headline says "shot" but normal editorial column headlines are written by staff rather than the columnist.”

Sallyvee said, “In all fairness, Robert makes a good point -- one that occurred to me last night. However, does anyone doubt that Ann would write that headline? It sounds an awful lot like the Ann I've come to know and dread.”

As you've both stated, column headlines are normally written by staff. However, I have a friend who writes weekly columns for Two nights before their recent column was posted on, they sent the article to me, with the “exact” headline that appeared on their column (two days later). So, I believe that Sallyvee is correct….Coulter, more than likely, penned the “SHOT” headline.