Monday, August 14, 2006

In a hostile media environment, jiujitsu is something you MUST know...

Kosher Hedgehog has been very critical of Olmert's decision to accept the cease-fire.

While I'm not happy with giving Hezbollah any breather, I think it was necessary to at least appear conciliatory in the wake of Qana. Yes, it's out there that Hezbollah was staging photos and that news agencies were also being fooled by Photoshopped pictures, but the original pictures had their effect.

We now have two UN resolutions calling for Hezbollah to disarm. Furthermore, the latest UN resolution allows Israel to defend itself. As I point out at Strategypage, only two countries need to decide what constitutes "defensive action": the USA (which has a Security Council veto) and Israel.

The resolution is not perfect, but it's not the disaster some portray it as. Instead, Israel's recognized a hostile media - and is supplementing the hard blows of the IDF with political and media jiujitsu to defeat Hezbollah.

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