Wednesday, August 23, 2006

What is the real issue?

It seems the American Family Association of Michigan is on a vendetta against Mitt Romney - constantly hammering him over abortion, gays, and other issues near and dear to the hearts of traditional conservatives. It is even claiming his recent conversion should not be believed (although it ignores the track record of other converts like Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush).

Yet, Rudy Giuliani, arguably running stronger, and far more liberal, doesn't generate any criticism at all.

I have to wonder what the real issue is. It clearly does not seem to be Mitt Romney's recent conversion, his track record as Governor of Massachusetts, or principled opposition to politicians with less-than-perfect records on the issue (as defined by the AFA). Could it be that the real problem the AFA of Michigan has with Governor Romney is how he has exercised his First Amendment rights regarding freedom of religion?


The Hedgehog said...

One truly wonders what is really motivating Mr. Glenn. Some interesting links are available at (Full disclosure: That's my blog.)

According to my friends who are close to the evangelical Christian community, Gary Glenn's group, the American Family Association (Donald Wildmon's organization)is enough to totally discredit him with all but the whacko right.


SJ Reidhead said...

There's something else. I don't thiink Romney is going to play well - wear well with the public. I know, I don't like him, I'm up front about that, but I think there is something more. I'm wondering if he isn't going to end up being the GOP's answer to Howard Dean?

The Pink Flamingo