Wednesday, October 18, 2006

FCC complaint process draws fire.

Sumner Redstone is upset with the FCC's "indecency" crackdown. And he has good reason to be.

FCC data show that the lion's share of indecency complaints lodged at the agency are generated by two groups: the Parents Television Council and the American Family Assn.

How are these complaints generated? Well, the PTC and AFA have links to the FCC. Someone can send it in from there - and the complaint is filed. There is no proof that the person who filed the complaint even saw the offending TV series. For all we know, they're just complaining based on what the PTC and AFA has said about the shows.

TVs these days come with these things called remotes. Parents have a responsibility to learn how to use them and to keep control of them - and not let the TV stand in as a babysitter.

Haven't people heard of personal responsibility?

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