Wednesday, October 11, 2006

More Foleygate...

Hey, I know, Foleygate is depressing. It's icky. But we need to talk about it. Why?

Because as this report from Harper's indicates, the Democrats seem to have had these e-mails months earlier and had been shopping the story.
In May, a source put me in touch with a Democratic operative who provided me with the now-infamous emails that Foley had sent in 2004 to a sixteen-year-old page. He also provided several emails that the page sent to the office of Congressman Rodney Alexander, a Louisiana Republican who had sponsored him when he worked on Capitol Hill. “Maybe it is just me being paranoid, but seriously, This freaked me out,” the page wrote in one email. In the fall of 2005, my source had provided the same material to the St. Petersburg Times—and I presume to The Miami Herald—both which decided against publishing stories.

Folks, this is the real damning evidence. The Democrats were holding on to this story for months - and shopping it around. They never took these e-mails to the FBI. CREW provided them - in July, and even then, only redacted versions. When the FBI asked for the original copies, CREW did not provide them. Some concern for the safety of pages. /sarcasm

For fun, take a look at the Wikipedia entry on misprision of felony. Then keep an eye on Strata-Sphere and MacsMind for more in-depth coverage.

I'd rather not talk about this. Bianca's return to Pine Valley would be more interesting. So are the baseball playoffs (the Yankees lost again, and Steinbrenner will go on a shopping spree). Or the NFL (Bears are 5-0). But we have to.

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Ken Prescott said...

The most important take-away: do you want to entrust the safety of your children, or your friend's children, to a political party that chose to hide evidence of predatory conduct until it was politically profitable to reveal it?