Sunday, October 01, 2006

Getting a bum rap...

It seems that there has been a long-running campaign against Petland pet stores over the use of "puppy mills". The latest in this animal-rights jihad now involves shots at the American Kennel Association.

Now this goes too far. The AKC and Petland, if one believes this, are actually trying to hurt the dogs that are the source of their livelihoods. Never mind how irrational that is on its face, but that is what is being claimed.

If animal cruelty is going on, it needs to be handled decisively. That said, can someone please give me an objective definition of "puppy mill" that doesn't boil down to "I know it when I see it"? We do not need to add some vague law when there are already exisiting laws that can do the job.

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