Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Put bad cops away...

Thoughts on the sentences handed down to two former Border Patrol agents:
These guys had to hang - and they had to be hung high. We cannot tolerate cops who try to cover up what is obviously a bad shoot. The bad shoot is bad enough - but the cover-up is unforgiveable.

When they tried to cover up - it was an admission that they never should have fired their guns in the first place. It was an unjustified use of force - and it was as bad as can be imagined. This never was about appeasing Mexico. It was about making sure that those badges don't become hunting licenses.

The misuse of force by police - particularly lethal force (and that is what you are using when you fire a gun) - is something that can never be tolerated in a free society. Because once cops start thinking they can do that, we lose trust. And when people don't trust the cops, there are very big problems coming down the pike.

Yes, the present situation on the southern border is unacceptable. Yes, there are dangers out there. But if we tolerate bad cops of one variety, what other varieties of bad cops will we get? The ones who accept bribes to look the other way when stuff is smuggled in, perhaps? Or maybe they'll decide who did it and then plant the evidence to "help" the case along. How does that sound?

To tell you the truth, I feel pretty sick just thinking about it.

EDIT: I will note that in the past, when it ws the IRS of BATF that was the subject of accusations involving abuses of people, conservatives were all over this. Is there a reason that the Border Patrol should be held to a lower standard?

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SJ Reidhead said...

Unfortunately, as well you know, conservatives turn a blind eye when it comes to the intellectual honesty of illegal immigration. Case in point is the report I have today about Tancredo hiring illegals to work on his house! If those "evil" Mexicans do it, it is bad, very bad. If the BP or US cops do the same thing- why they are fighting for truth, justice and the American way!

If conservatives were to look at the situation honestly, they would be forced to deal with the origins of the whole anti-immigration movement. They don't want to do that.

My trip to Cochis County is eye opening. I'll be blogging more about it as I have time. Fascinating, actually.

The Pink Flamingo