Thursday, October 05, 2006

Foley-gate updates...

For the latest updates, check out Strata-Sphere and MacsMind.

Two paragraphs from MacsMind's latest post on this warrant attention:
Besides Foley two names that have come into play are Rogers and John Aravosis of America’s Blog. Both are gay activists who on many occassions have threatened not only Foley and Fordham with outing, but others as well. These guys are what we call “Political Thugs”, the only thing they don’t use is guns, but they do nearly as much damage. Others call it by it’s real name - blackmail.

Again, the FBI - and I have this on good source - are aware of both individuals and looking into their involvement as well. As I said before we cops aren’t so stupid as to just look at an IM log or an email and say, “Oh look at that?, case closed!”

This is the real scandal. Not that Mark Foley has not been innocent, but the real scandal is that certain people are trying to dig up information on the private lives of Republican congressman in order to affect their votes on certain issues. This is something that is serious - and needs to be hammered. Petitioning for a redress of grievances is one thing. Blackmail is another.

It's increasingly obvious that the safety of the pages and former pages was of secondary concern to scoring political points via blackmail. This is something that needs to be exposed.

Check Macsmind and Strata-sphere for updates. They are on top of this - and know of others who are as well.

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