Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Sudan boots a blogger...

Sudan has booted a blogger. Austin Bay links to Strategypage's report.

This is a sign of just how bad things are. Sudan's commiting genocide - and the UN can only send a blogger?

Send a lot of second-hand guns (AK-47s, SKS carbines, M16s) to Darfur. Teach people to use them - get 40 guys from Blackwater, DynCorp, or Vinnell to do that, and a couple of C-130s to handle the airlift needs - and train additional instructors, to help Darfur defend itself. As Strategypage reports, the NRF is already able to inflict defeats on the Sudanese Army. That is a good base of support.

And to deal with the Sudanese Air Force's bombing raids, well, we handled that before in a place called Afghanistan. The Stingers helped drive the Soviet Union out of that country.

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