Monday, October 16, 2006

A flare-up?

Eve Fairbanks has a theory about the whole Foley situation.

I think there is some truth to her comparison to a psoriaisis outbreak. There has been growing tension among the social conservatives and the small government wing of the GOP. Quite frankly, I have been less than thrilled about some things lately. With the war on terror going on, and the need to re-capitalize our force of cargo planes, aerial refuelling tankers, maritime patrol aircraft, and air-superiority fighters, you would think that Congress would be dealing with that. Instead, our officials were debating bills about the slaughter of horses for meat and internet gambling.

Furthermore, I have seen cases where some conservatives have begun acting as if they were a Soviet-era zampolit as opposed to trying to deal with some very thorny problems. One of the worst offenders has been Tom Tancredo on immigration (but there have been others on different issues - look at how some have treated Mitt Romney's health-care plan). If a solution does not comport with what they deem conservative thinking, the vitriol and venom spew out - and facts are often ignored.

The resentments build... and build... and soon things explode.

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The Hedgehog said...

Foleygate is a multi-faceted travesty. I like Power Line's summmary: After a long time in power, political parties and presidents tend to implode. The Democrats' 40-year run in Congress is anomalous, I think.