Monday, July 30, 2007

Better Dick than Walter...

Walter Mondale is complaining about Vice President Cheney.

I find it interesting he remains proud of what he did from 1977-1981. The Carter-Mondale Administration gave us the present Iran, stagflation, a hollow military, and finished the gutting of the intelligence community that the Church and Pike Committees started.

I, for one, am not very proud of them - nor do I think they did a good job.

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Onion Volcano said...

You'd change your tune if Mondale or Gore had tried half the things Cheney has gotten away with.

Do you want either of those guys spying on you? Sending your kids to die?

Cheney has taken part of the permanent dishonor of America. Now we'll have Dems in power for a very, very long time.

Thanks, Dick. Thanks a lot.