Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Whacked-out priorities...

We have al-Qaeda plotting to attack the United States again. We all remember the last one, don't we? On a sunny, Tuesday morning that looked so good. I remember that day very well - complete with starting the process of mentally composing a protest letter over a decision that had been made by Secretary of State Colin Powell - a decision I couldn't really understand.

By the end of that day, I put off that letter - it was very obvious that he was going to be dealing with a much bigger fish to fry, and I could raise my objections at a later time, which I did - and I have voiced those objections elsewhere.

And so, I need to ask why we are getting off track by chasing down a dogfighting ring, or raiding meat-packing plants. OK, I don't like dogfighting - and yes, people should not be hiring illegal immigrants, but when al-Qaeda's trying to attack, I think we can agree that these are minor issues that divert resources from the more important task.

This is more than a little aggravating.

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