Tuesday, July 10, 2007

He's working himself up...

RFK Jr. was clearly working himself - and the crowd at Live Earth - up.

Screaming treason, as has been common from certain quarters in the immigration debate, is not a small matter. Treason is a capital crime in just about any country in the world.

So, with RFK Jr.'s declaration that people like Michael Crichton should be treated as traitors - probably after some Nuremberg-style trial - for expressing skepticism of the "man-made global warming" claims, he is, in essence, saying that they are worthy of death. And we have had a lot of environmentally-motivated terrorism in this country from groups like the Earth Liberation Front.

I'm starting to get a little nervous.


RFKJr. said...


We beg to differ my friend.


Ken Prescott said...

If you're really RFK, Jr., then here's my message for you regarding your desire to take away my life style (I am, of course, presuming that you absolutely refuse to give up your much more lavish carbon footprint):

1. Molon labe!

2. Yob' tvoyu maht'!

Next on my to-do list: send a letter to the state parole board on behalf of Sirhan Sirhan--he can't be ALL bad . . .

Harold C. Hutchison said...

I'll agree with my co-blogger - for the most part. If you really are RFK Jr., then you lead by example with your carbon footprint.

And to be blunt, the fact that you have, in essence, given the ELF/Arissa punks permission to carry out their terrorist acts is not exactly sitting well with me. My co-blogger's last comment is a little over the top, but in this case, you asked for it at both Live Earth and with your hypocritical demands.

a.k.a. Zooomabooma said...

Firstly, treason's only punishment is not death so one can't assume anyone wants anyone else dead for being a "traitor."

Environmentally motivated terrorism? Do those "terrorists" make regular American citizens prepare to duck and cover or buy plastic sheeting and duct tape? I guess their acts don't occur very often but when they do happen, do you get scared for your life and for the life of your friends and family? Do you call to make sure they're okay and not harmed? Do you make sure they are well protected and know what to do in case the environmental "terrorists" come their way?

Come on. TV reporters telling people a hurricane is coming are more terrorist than environmental activists. Anyone who told others to stock up for the impending Y2K doom was more of a terrorist than environmental activists.

When letter writing no longer works to stop people from raping the Earth, activists make louder non-violent statements. They may destroy but developers and corporations murder the Earth. The latter is much, MUCH worse and it's those people who instill more terror than any environmental activist.

I ain't defending RFK Jr here... but to call environmental activists terrorists is just plain stoopid. For years and years a man rapes people along a bike path in a suburban area causing women to have fear - but he's not a terrorist yet he causes more fear than environmental activists ever will. Uhhh... seems a little messed up there. Those DC Shooters a few years ago, they caused a little fear, no? Terrorists? Nope. But someone who hurts not a soul while setting fire to suburban sprawlmansions being built, that person's a terrorist?

Somethin' ain't right there.