Thursday, July 12, 2007

Micro-management defeated...

It seems the pet-ownership micromanagement bill in California has gone down in flames.

What grates on me - and probably most pet owners - is the fact that this was a coercive bill, and one that would have met with massive civil disobedience. I don't deny that there are bad pet owners - that is true in any ownership group (guns, cars, etc.), but the best option is to focus on the bad apples, and not pass such blanket measures that are little more than collective punishment.


SJ Reidhead said...

Have you read what I posted on yesterday's Pink Flamingo? Too bad the same thing did not happen in ABQ. Talk about Draconian. In many ways the ABQ bill, which they are thinking about copying in Las Cruces is one of the most invasive things I've ever seen. It gives "The Mayor" almost dictatorial powers over pets, homes, and just who will be allowed to reproduce. Terrifying, actually.

SJ Reidhead

Ken Prescott said...

The problem out here is that there are so many bad people in this regard, it's jaw-dropping. We couldn't jail that many people.

When you have mass stupidity, micro-management is your only option.