Friday, September 07, 2007

And they claim they support the troops...

Looking at the reaction from Congressional Democrats, I find it harder and harder to believe them when they say they support the troops.

For instance, look at how the Petraeus report is being delivered. Senator Richard Durbin of Illinois (who supports the troops so much he compares them to Nazi Germany and the Khmer Rouge), has already all but accused General Petraeus of being a puppet. So has the rest of the Democratic leadership.

However, in the era of Google and blogs, one can find "the ground truth" (to use Nancy Pelosi's term) over at Strata-Sphere's Iraq subcategory, which has followed the progress for a while now. Compare the posts there (with links to media reporting) to what you hear from the Democratic leadership, and decide for yourself whether or not Petraeus is being honest.

Incidentally, the Democratic irresponsibility on this issue onlyincreases when you consider the fact that Petraeus is wary of any cutbacks because he believes the gains are fragile. In essence, the Democrats seem to have a perverse desire to throw away our troops' hard-won progress. And they claim they support the troops?

That is nonsense.

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