Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Slow-rolling the troops...

Looks like Democrats are going to just not take up any funding for operations in the Iraqi theater of operations of the Global War on Terror.

It's really the only option they have left. Our troops' success on the ground means that there is no support for cutting and running as the Democratic leadership wants to do. So now, they will have to try other approaches... and this one will have the added benefit of punishing the troops for their success - which derailed the Democrats' plans for political power.

And they claim the support the troops.

I think we know the proper response to such a claim.

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Ken Prescott said...

This will become known in certain quarters as the American Dolchstass, and it will form the basis of a potent political movement.

It will have one great advantage over the German variant from the last century: it would be true.

Friendly word of advice to blue-staters who oppose the war: if this comes to pass, get your passports and EU visas immediately; by the time there's a rush for the exits, it will be too late.