Monday, September 10, 2007

Are the immigration hard-liners are crying wolf?

Eve Fairbanks makes a good case that the immigration hard-liners are crying wolf in her column at the Washington Examiner.

This column is a home run that put any of those hit by Rickie Weeks, JJ Hardy, and Ryan Braun in their historic accomplishment yesterday to shame (as the Brewers get back into first).

Her money quote:
Samuelson’s column was supposed to get the goat of people like me, those who both favor a generous immigration policy and feel the poverty of our residents reflects poorly on our country, since we should be able to do better.

But I’m not even on board with his premise — that it’s a bad thing that the number of poor Hispanics is increasing here, as long as they’re not badly influencing our own society. They are better off than they were — a concept that doesn’t enter into Samuelson’s moral calculus.

It's a no-doubt home run of a column.

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