Monday, September 10, 2007

The decisive battle begins...

The decisive battle of the Iraq Campaign in the Global War on Terror is starting.

In essence, General Petraeus now has to face off against the only entities capable of throwing away the gains of the last eight-plus months of effort: The Senate and House of Representatives.

The anti-war Democrats are already attacking Petraeus, largely because he's about to tell them something they don't want to hear.

Of course, the fact is, the military is the entity the American people trust the most to deal with Iraq. Hence, with the success of the surge, the Democrats now have to take down Petraeus... and it will come down to a fight between an Administration that says the military needs to make the call against a Congressional leadership that seems determined to inflict a defeat on the United States of America.

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Mike Burleson said...

I agree that it is a decisive battle, but a battle I believe already won by Gen. Petraeus. When Congress headed to Iraq during the August recess, and reported on the Surge themselves in an overwhelmingly positive light, the anti-war Left saw their War against the War end with a whimper.

All Petraeus has to do now is the mopping up, and considering what he did to Al Qaeda and the insurgents, facing the Dems will be a piece of cake. I hope he don't hurt them too bad, just enough!