Wednesday, September 05, 2007

When you hold all the aces...

Standing pat is a good thing to do.

At this point, the strategy is working - and it's time to keep it moving forward.

Furthermore, this is a defensible position. With the military objectives being achieved, and the progress on the political side, the President's position is comparable to that of Raymond Spruance on June 18, 1944.

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Mike Burleson said...

No flip-flopping here, thank God! Personally, I appreciate those Democrats who gave Bush most everything he needed to fight the war, even after they controlled Congress, and also those on the Left who have the guts to admit they were wrong and concede the Surge is working.

However, I also realize they were previously rooting for the wrong side to win, and not a single Democrat candidate would have been able to stick with a winning strategy in the face of vehement left-wing attacks over the past 6 years, as the tenacious Bush has. Whatever mistakes he has supposed to have made, at least he did what mattered, which was stay the course.