Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Defensetech has it right...

I cannot put my feelings on the CSAR-X controversy better than Defensetech put it last week:
[I]t’s starting to get to the point where the debate has devolved into the arcane world of defense contracting procedure and who dotted which “i” and crossed what “t” and when. At the same time, America has hundreds of thousands of troops worldwide in combat who will need this capability and it may start getting to the point where the bickering comes at the cost of our troops’ lives.

I'm just speaking for Harold here, but if you ask me, it's time to start getting this chopper fielded. In any case, as I have pointed out at Strategypage, the HH-47 blew the competition out of the water. It wasn't my first choice, either, I might add. I favored an HV-22, myself. Why the V-22 didn't get a shot is a mystery to me. But it didn't. That said, we got a darn good rescue chopper that can do the job - if Congress stops the bickering and starts funding.

We have troops in combat who need these choppers. Congress, by bickering, is rapidly approaching dereliction of duty.

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Ken Prescott said...

Harold, the HH-47 "blew the competition out of the water" in areas not relevant to the CSAR mission, and, regardless of what the program office said, failed to meet a mandatory mission requirement.