Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My thoughts on the Petraeus hearings...

The best was for me to describe my thoughts about the hearings over the past few days where General Petraeus is to use a cartoon by Michael Ramirez from Investor's Business Daily from this past February.

Harsh? You bet.

Accurate? Just look at the way that the Democrats - particularly the Senators who confirmed Petraeus earlier this year - have acted.

For eight-plus months, they have undercut him in the media at home. They have pronounced his efforts a failure, and have attacked his integrity. All the while they have done this the cut-and-run crowd has sanctimoniously declared that they are patriots and they support the troops. If they opposed the strategy he was going to implement, then why did they confirm him? Would it not have been more honest to just reject his nomination?

If it looks like a stab in the back, sounds like a stab in the back, and smells like a stab in the back... it probably IS a stab in the back.

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