Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Ann Coulter's Intemperate Mouth

Ann Coulter demonstrates that life is hard--and even harder if you're stupid . . .
John Hawkins: How about dashing off a quick sentence or even just a word or two about the following individuals...

John Murtha: The reason soldiers invented "fragging."

Ann, I racked and stacked one of my Marines back in the day for making a joke about fragging an officer, and I personally marched him to the brig. You do not joke about stuff like this, particularly about an elected official, no matter how much you dislike him.

Of course, you also "joked" about poisoning Justice Stevens a while back.

That's something else you don't joke about, Ann.

Remember how we reacted to the "Snipers Wanted" graphic? Huh? Remember how everyone went righteously batshit?

That kind of stuff just isn't acceptable. It isn't acceptable from the left, and it sure as hell isn't acceptable from conservatives.

Just shut the fuck up, Ann. Take your royalty checks and get lost.


Harold C. Hutchison said...

And allow me to add something else to her defenders:

I'm sick and fucking tired of the notion that being a good conservative requires that I tacitly accept the sort of bullshit I see from Ann Coulter. The unacceptable is unacceptable, no matter who says it. What the fuck happened to clear standards of right and wrong - you know, morality? Or have conservatives decided that maybe situational ethics has its virtues after all?

If conservatives will not clean up their own messes - and Ann Coulter is clearly showing that she is one - then they can go to hell for all I'm concerned.

Cannoneer No. 4 said...

Is this your formal declaration of secession from conservativism, hutch?

Harold C. Hutchison said...

No. I'm waiting on a couple other things before I take that step, but that sort of thing is no longer as unthinkable as it once was.

smh10 said...


Best piece I have read so far on the Ann Coulter situation.

She does not speak for all conservatives and I agree that we have the right to disagree with her despicable comments.

I don't think that am ready to jump ship though Harold, the comments on the other side of the aisle are no less offensive in many cases.

New party, maybe.

Harold C. Hutchison said...

Not going to jump from the Republicans, smh10, but I am very open to the idea of no longer considering myself a conservative.

Ken Prescott said...

smh10, thanks for the kind words.

I am a conservative, devoted to all of the ideals of conservatism, including the maintenance of high standards morality and ethics in all areas of life.

If the "conservative movement" tolerates (or worse, approves of) this ass-hatting by Coulter, I'm not leaving the movement, they're leaving me.

smh10 said...

I am glad you clarified Harold. Reading your postings and comments at other sites I would hate to see someone like you leave the party.

I have said before, it is up to the voter to hold the politicians' feet to the fire and to remember that civility goes a long way in debate.

We can only hope that through voter preference we hang on to the House and Senate and perhaps with a change of leadership in both houses we can work our way back to what we know the Republican party should be.

Minue the voices like Ann Coulter.

The Hedgehog said...

Ouch, Ken and Harold. Well said. I heard Michael Medved trying to defend Coulter, put the comments in context, etc. I like Medved's show almost as much as Hugh Hewitt. but I wish he'd just stand up and say this sort of thing is over the line. I'm afraid some of the conservative talk radio hosts fear their audience too much and have succumbed to their own kind of political correctness.