Friday, June 29, 2007

The commissars win...

If the GOP were a patient, I would say it is in serious condition.

As AJ-Strata has pointed out, the GOP has become captive to a fringe group on at least the immigration issue. That said, he is running a big risk. The Democrats have become firmly allied with the fringe left when it comes to the global war on terror.

This is not a small thing. In looking over his posts, I believe that AJ, like me, is someone who the GOP should be able to at least count on to vote for their candidates without any prodding from a GOTV effort. Now, they have lost him.

This is in addition to hemhorraging Hispanic voters, who rightfully wonder just what the GOP really thinks of them given the rantings of Michelle Malkin, Tom Tancredo, and others. And all the Dems need to prove the ill intent is to show them the comments that places like and FreeRepublic allow to stand.

This is just incredible stupidity. Quite frankly, I'm not inclined to bail them out of this mess. Particularly when it will just empower people who despise me for whatever reason. I got other things to do... like teaching my nephew how to throw a slider.

Yob tvoyu maht, commissars.


Gilbert_Sundevil said...

New polling data from Gallup indicates that in spite of his strong support of immigration reform, Bush's approval rating among Hispanics has FALLEN from 38% a year ago, to 29% today.

It seems that this hand wringing over the GOP's support among Hispanics is due largely to factors other than immigration reform.

Ken Prescott said...

Gilbert, Bush is the perceived head of the GOP by virtue of the office he holds. That means that he gets the glory when the GOP gets it right, and the blame when the GOP fucks it up, no matter what his position is.

The GOP chose to allow itslef to be portrayed as the party of the following sentiments:

“We don't want spanish speaking little retards befouling our great country.”

"Most latinos are thieves and are corrupt"

"They can be referred to as: Human Locusts"

"most Mexicans, especially men, are lazy good for nothing drunks who only care about sacking as many mujeres that they can."

"Quickly, the fact is that we're being invaded by an inferior culture. Every person of low quality we import plants a family-tree that bears low-quality fruit. The rotten fruit of that tree will rot our own fruit."

"The Mexicans getting dumped on us are the worst of a corrupt, dysfunctional nation; they're thieves and criminals the second that they cross our borders."

"Every Mexican who comes here makes America worse, and this article is proof of it."

"Nuke mexico and start over down there."

"here, I'll just say it...I HATE MEXICANS There, happy now? Yes, I do hate the mexicans around here in Utah. They are liars, dirty, nasty, germ ridden, law breaking, no english speaking, government money stealing, car jacking, 18 people to one PRIVATLY owned home, who cry racists anytime their little rug rats don't get their way."

"They have all but ruined schools, hospitals, day cares, headstart centers, not to mention ruined certain areas all over the USA."

"let's round them allmup, hey, we have done it before, and ship them off to differant countries around the world. Let's see how well these lazy, dirty, no good bastards are welcome there."

These are the people you have made common cause with, Gilbert, me boy. That's what the Hispanic community thinks the GOP believes. So that's what they think you believe.

SJ Reidhead said...

I am constantly amazed at the vicious cruelty of today's conservative counterpart of liberal nut roots. Yesterday for a time I was quite dismayed, but - when I discovered that Glenn Spencer's much heralded 'American Border Patrol's' office was nothing more than a UPS drop, I realized that one of these days our little friends on the right are going to wake up with a great big hang-over. I just want to be around to make a lot of noise and tell them 'I told you so'. I believe these people are marginalizing themselves to the point where they are absolutely useless to anyone but those who need to manipulate for personal power and ambition - which is rather terrifying, actually.

SJ Reidhead
The Pink Flamingo

Gilbert_Sundevil said...

Ken, congrats on finding a mess of quotes from the dregs of society. Quite frankly, I wish someone would tie a rock to these people and dump them in the Gulf of Mexico. But those are not my thoughts. It's intellectually dishonest for anybody dismiss the honest arguments of those who were against this particular bill just because of some racist scumbags that also wanted to dismiss the bill.

There were Hispanic racists on your side of the argument. Their stated goal is to “reclaim” the southwest and drive ‘whitey’ out. But that doesn’t make you a racist and your honest points should be appropriately debated and considered.

While I agree with you that Pres. Bush is seen as the leader of the GOP, I still stand by my original point. He strongly supported this bill and you can’t attribute 100% of the drop of Bush’s support to this immigration mess. His support has plummeted among all genders, races, and parties. Largely having to do with the Iraq war.

Ken Prescott said...

Ken, congrats on finding a mess of quotes from the dregs of society.

They're from, which syndicates major columnists.

Thanks in part to the indifference of folks like you, these idiots become the face of the GOP.

Gilbert, you are either part of the problem or you are part of the solution. You have chosen to be part of the problem. Until you become part of the solution, you are not welcome on this blog. Good day, sir.

smh1012 said...


A little late to reply with a comment here..sorry.

It was refreshing to read both you and AJ while this immigration bill was the hot topic.

I have always maintained you cannot get from here to there by standing still. Thanks to the far right we are now frozen in time.
Everything I read has said this will not be addressed again until 2009.

While I think the bill that was offered was flawed in several ways, it was a beginning point.

And as for the GOP, I respectfully disagree on them being in serious is more like life support to me. That comes from a supporter of the party for a very long time. What a shame.