Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Deutschland ist nicht richtig hier...

Germany does seem to act kinda weird at times. For instance, their refusal to allow Tom Cruise into the country because he's a Scientologist.

Folks, I don't care for Scientology. I am perfectly happy as a slightly-lapsed Mormon (in other words, I drink Mountain Dew, enjoy movies like Die Hard and Broken Arrow, and read the occasional issue of Maxim - for the articles, of course). But Germany seems to have trouble with the concept of religious freedom.

Maybe I'm being oversensitive. Then again, considering what happened to some of my ancestors, some folks might understand why I get touchy about this issue.

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Ken Prescott said...

Germany's in a really odd place with respect to religious freedom and freedom of speech because of their recent past.

One thing that they look for with religions is any sign of coercion in practice--they view that as a stepping-stone to fascism.