Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Right goes Kos...

AJ-Strata is on target with a very good post on how conservatism has fallen. It used to be pushing new ideas. Some people on the right still do. But on immigration, it has lost all rationality. The Wall Street Journal's editorial board had it right. Conservatism met he 21st Century - and failed to adapt to it.

In essence, Townhall, RedState, and Free Republic have become the Huffington Post, DailyKos, and DU of the right. Conservatism became reactionary and knee-jerk on immigration, practically nodding its head when someone shouted "Amensty!" - not even bothering to check to see if it was true. And it decided that it could say "Screw `em to the 65%+ of America that favored a comprehensive immigration bill that involved compromise on both sides.

Well, as far as conservatives are concerned, "screw `em". This was not the movement I signed up for when I started to listen to Rush. At this point, I'll be perfectly happy to describe myself as a war-on-terror hawk who favors low tax rates, is opposed to abortion on demand, who favors a generally pro-business agenda, and who think that the bill currently in critical condition was a reasonably good first step towards fixing the problems we have with immigration.

Good-bye conservatism. It's obvious that someone like me is no longer welcome with you.