Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Dems incoherent on Iraq...

Eve Fairbanks has a good column in the Examiner showing the Democratic incoherence on Iraq. In this case, withdrawal doesn't really mean withdrawal. We're just going to reduce the number of troops and pretty much do the same thing we've always been doing.

Meanwhile, Strategypage reports that the fighting in Iraq has taken on an Iwo Jima-sort of tone. Tribes have turned against al-Qaeda, and that will leave the terrorists with fewer and fewer places to hide. Is everything about the surge going as planned? No - but that is the nature of war. Did Kido Butai plan on that little encounter with the Nautilus - which caused one destroyer to lag behind, allowing Wade McCluskey to follow it to the carriers and change the course of the battle in five minutes.

The Dems are nowhere near ready for prime-time. Their only hope is that the media can continue to paint a false picture of America losing the war.

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Mike Burleson said...

The Dems have recreated the America First Party.