Monday, June 04, 2007

The silent majority prevailing?

The opposition to the immigration bill seems to be subsiding, according to a Washington Post article today.

The opposition was very loud and very intense. but at the same time, when even the Rasmussen poll that is supposed to debunk a poll from the New York Times showed that 65% favored the provisions that were in the Senate bill, they were eventually going to lose.

Sadly, there is no avoiding a civil war among the Republican party. There's a lot of anger, hurt feelings, brusied egos, and grudges on both sides. But once the debate is over, the healing can begin.

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Scott said...

You know better. 65% favored the broad buzz words in the bill without being told the details or which parts were pious rhetoric that would never happen. See 1986-2007. Calling us all racists like Linda Chazez does or unpatriotic like W does may work on a playground but doesn't get votes or campaign dollars.