Tuesday, June 12, 2007

No scandal here...

Or, there shouldn't be about the FBI director using a Gulfstream to fly around the country.

Folks, some people need to be able to stay in touch at all times. The Director of the FBI is one of them. It's worth the $3.6 million per year - and the initial purchase of that plane.

Because, when it comes right down to it, senior members of the agencies and departments responsible for our national defense, including the intelligence community and law-enforcement agencies (particualrly federal, but also state and those of major cities) are never on vacation. Oh, Director Mueller may decide to go deep-sea fishing off the Florida Keys for a week, but if a crisis happens, heis back on the job.

Don't believe me? Well, look at 9/11. That day, Secretary of State Colin Powell was in Latin America for a summit. CINCCENT, General Tommy Franks, was also out of the country.

Tell me again why someone like the FBI Director shouldn't be using jets with communications gear that will let then stay in touch whereever they are.


Ken Prescott said...

A Senex bird should be able to do the job quite nicely. And I do have a problem with Muller being the only user when the jet was procured for an entirely different mission. If he needed an aircraft with these capabilities, he should've said so.

We raised holy hell about Pelosi wanting "Air Force 2.5."

Scott said...

Just the usual Bush administration failure to communicate here. They are the great deciders and the rest of us should use our telepathic powers to figure out what they are too improtant to communicate to us serfs. Missions can change. Why can they not be proactive on communication?