Saturday, June 23, 2007

Townhall: Home of the Cyber-McVeighs

At, "Peppermint" writes about assassinating US Attorney Johnnie Sutton in a bit of "fiction."

The rest of "Juliet's Diary" is equally perverse; it presents civil war and murdering one's political opponents as good old harmless fun.

This is why I'm not active at Townhall: I don't want to be on a Department of Homeland Security watch list.

Apparently, nobody at Townhall has flagged the post as offensive--and even if they did, Townhall doesn't seem to disapprove. I notified Townhall of this three days ago. It's still up there. I guess they're OK with it. And why shouldn't they be? Ann Coulter wrote "They Shot the Wrong Lincoln." My, my, that's not anything resembling incitement, is it, Annie, dear? I sent a couple of my Marines to the brig back in the day for much milder statements than that . . .

If Townhall wants to be the Official Website of Timothy McVeigh Wannabes, that's one thing. But it cannot simultaneously fill that role and be a serious participant in political debate. Unfortunately, they are joined at the hip with the Salem Radio Network, which hosts one of my ex-favorites, Hugh Hewitt. Looks like KCBQ (1170 AM) comes off my car radio's presets.

Memo for the management at Townhall: SET THY HOUSE IN ORDER. Assassination fantasies are off-limits, bigtime. Even if they're from your top-rated columnists.


SallyVee said...

Holy cannoli. I knew Townhall was infested, but this Juliet person has crossed a major line. To me what she has written seems like the true desires and views hidden in the hearts of more than a few "conservatives" these days. Of course people like her and her commenters are not conservatives at all but they are giving everyone on the Right side of the aisle plenty to be ashamed of.

Harold, good for you for putting Townhall on the line. I will send a note of my own. I think you've written before that the Right has done a terrible job of "policing its own..." and that is soooooo true. Where is one-tenth of the "conservative" outrage and venom being aimed at President Bush, for miscreants like Juliet of the Peppermint? They are crawling all over the internet.

Aitch748 said...

So wrong. Soooo freaking wrong. (It reminds me of a comment on Lucianne a few days back about how any Senator who supports the current immigration bill deserved to be "Mussolinied.")

And then there are the comments. One person protests, and "Peppermint" first accuses him of not having a sense of humor (since after all a military-style assassination fantasy is supposed to provoke lotsa laffs, yuk yuk), and when that doesn't dissuade him, she declares him a leftwinger.

I remember similar tactics in the wake of Ann Coulter's calling-or-not-calling John Edwards a "faggot," when some of us spoke up and said we're sick of the smashmouth nonsense. And where did I find the most vociferous counterattacks against those of us who said we're sick of Coulter? Yup, it was Townhall. That place is truly the rightwing analog to "Democratic Underground."