Thursday, June 07, 2007

My vote of no confidence in conservatism...

With a five-year sunset, the Senate has turned what had been an OK bill into nothing more than a band-aid on melanoma. If this provision cannot be removed in conference, then the deal will collapse.

At this point, I cannot begin to describe how disillusioned I am with conservatism. In the past couple of years, it seems to me that the movement has become not only more strident, but also it has sought to purify itself via the establishment of litmus tests. Indeed, when a pro-life President who has cut taxes and has been valiantly fought a global war on terror is called an alleged conservative, things have gone beyond the pale. Of all of these, the immigration litmus test is perhaps the most pernicious - it is one that has pushed conservatism to the brink of moral bankruptcy in my opinion.

Strong words? Well, no. My post in response to a Deb Saunders column provides the best example of this bankruptcy. So do my other posts on the matter. In essence, they backed up a couple of Border Patrol agents, who, after a questionable shooting, returned to the scene and tampered with the evidence.

Michelle Malkin, Tom Tancredo, Duncan Hunter, and others are calling these agents heroes who have been persecuted by the Bush Administration, which seems set upon selling out the United States of America to Mexico via the SPP and tolerating a so-called invasion, with the eventual goal of creating a "North American Union". Ok, it may be a bit of an exaggeration, but that sort of stuff has about as much credibility as the 9/11 truth movement, if you ask me.

It is already hard enough to support a movement that seems to view me as a quisling or traitor (or at least has no problem with people who do - and actively panders to the same). But I cannot be part of a movement that takes this sort of litmus test - which demands that the type of conduct that Ramos and Compean engaged in be celebrated as heroism.

No sale. I'm with AJ-Strata on this one. The immigration hard-liners killed the center-right coalition that largely worked from 1994-2005. Something new will emerge by 2008, largely to deal with the immediate task of keeping an incompetent political party out of power. Will it happen? For the good of the country, I hope so.


Charles said...

Hmm.... It appears you haven't a clue about that which you speak. The vote to sunset the guest worker program was almost straight down party lines. The Democrats voted in favor of sunsetting Y visas, and the Republicans voted against sunsetting Y visas.

Perhaps if you did a little more research, you could reach more rational conclusions and not look like a blithering fool.

Just a thought. To each his own.

SJ Reidhead said...

This needs to end somewhere. I'm getting sick and tired of it. To me, the last straw today was Hot Air's attack on Lindsey Graham, followed by Captain Ed, making fun of Lindseys' La Raza speech where he referred to those who are against Hispanic immigration as "bigots". Problem is neither one bothered to investigate the situation in South Carolina where, right now, the ultimate bigots are ruling the ultra conservative right.

I'll have more on The Pink Flamingo this evening.

Mike Burleson said...

I'm sort of with you on this. I think we need better border enforcement, but the bullying tactics used by the Right blosgosphere sort of reminds you of the Daily Kos grip on the democrats. Sometime rhetoric trumps reason, which is what is happening here.

I think we are losing patience with the war on terror, and looking for a distraction. But that distraction got the Dems back into power, and all their leftist baggage with them. By ignoring the real problems, we are creating a far worse one.

Scott said...

There are idiots on every side in US politics. Always have been back to the original debates on independence and the constitution. That said there is more to despising this bill than mere nativism or reflexive racism. Many of us see it as a bad deal with all the promsies from the other side as not likely to ever be enforced. There is a history 1986-2007 to back this up. There is a 6 year history of W's inability to administer anything to go by.