Wednesday, January 24, 2007

On Webb's response...

AJ-Strata discusses Jim Webb's response to the State of the Union speech. I did not watch it, but the transcript certainly read the way. Webb has cherry-picked his experts to claim that the President was reckless, ignoring the many experts who were supportive of the mission. Note that the big names he cited - a former National Security Advisor (Brent Scowcroft) and two former commanders of CENTCOM - were all retired.

What were the current generals saying? Folks like Tommy Franks, Mike DeLong, Peter Pace, and Richard Myers? What was the National Security Advisor at the time saying? Or the Secretary of State?

There is a reason that James Webb ignores what they said back then, and what they say now. It would not fit into his agenda of defeat.

The upcoming battle inside the Beltway will decide the War on Terror.

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